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In here there's random things (some pseudobloggish stuff but mostly not, stuff about my film(s)) as well as photos (digital and film) covering March 2002 onwards.

Pretty much all my digital photos (that are worth putting up) are up... there are a few rolls of film to be scanned and neg scans to be sorted into folders (when I get time == never), but apart from that, the media cluster interface is there, and there's a bunch of random crap too. Like kittens and lawnmowers, etc.

But basically it's stuff that if you don't know me you probably won't find that interesting. Though having an account also means that you 'own' your comments on blog entries.. ie nobody else can post under your name, and you can hide stuff if you change your mind and such.

Public stuffs:
Dirty Three, Melbourne 12 Jan 05

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