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Anyone who knows me probably knows about my grand film project.. in fact I've been working on it longer than I've known most of the people I know these days.

The fact that it's now 2005 and the film isn't out there scares me, so I've set myself the target of getting it into MUFF this year.. being that about 40% of the film needs another glance over to finish the vision post, and there's no music for it yet, it's a task and a half (or maybe three tasks), but I'm giving it a crack anyway.

But the reason I regale you with tales cinematic is that tonight I got a finished cut (vision + sound) of SN/D5 happening.. and I'm happy with it, thank fuck.

What's SN/D5, you ask?

SN/D5 is an example of the weird notation I use for breaking up scripts.

SN/D5 is also, in my humble and entirely uninformed opinion, the 7 best minutes of drama I've ever shot. It's technically simple, just two guys at a window talking about stuff; but in a few ways it's the point around which the whole film pivots:
  • temporally
    it's, like, half-way through.
  • narrative-wise
    we find out things that change what the last hour's goings on have meant
  • and on a basic diegetic level
    ie the film's world gets kinda fucked up after this point and stops trying to make any conventional sense.
Anyway, it was the second last night of shooting (back in fucking mid-2002, my god, it's like a lifetime ago).. and the combination of a mic-preamp that wasn't quite as good as it seemed, and headphones that were deceptively nice, meant the audio was very sub-par.

Like completely useless sub-par.

Anyway, after agonising over looping it (dramatically, Jonathan and Stephen pulled it off perfectly, I didn't want to loop it and risk ruining the performances) for way too long, I started doing noise reduction, then got overwhelmed with other work, and eventually tonight did something I should have done a long time ago, and combined the noise reduced (but unnatural-sounding) audio track with the original, and blended for varying conditions; result = clean audio that sounds nice as all hell.

Oh yeah, and it's about 50% sharper than the last time anyone watched it (being the result of a hardcore geek session in february-march '04 where I wrote an adaptive-deinterlacing / straight-line-cubic resampling plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro. mmhway.)

So in summary, I'm rather pleased with things right now. Even though it's 3:50am and I should really be working on big-other-job-that-I'm-actually-getting-money-for.

for the image quality geeks:
Ok, so it ain't 35mm, but this is cropped to 16:9 from a 4:3 camera (Sony VX1000).

Oh, and by the way, I am now a blogger.

I can see my social life running in the opposite direction, and feel the stigma inserting its tentacles just below the skin as we speak, well, as I geek.

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