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Troops undergo extreme torture training
05:58 AEST Sat Aug 20 2005
Elite Australian soldiers are being blindfolded, stripped naked and threatened by savage dogs during extreme torture training exercises.

The regime has been approved at the highest level of government and is about to be upgraded in response to the threat from enemies who do not abide by the Geneva Conventions, the Weekend Australian newspaper reports.

Defence Minister Robert Hill confirmed that soldiers were threatened with physical and sexual abuse during simulated interrogation sessions at the Defence Intelligence Training Centre in Queensland.

"Welcome to the Rockhampton Institute of Torture. We will be your tour guides. Please mind the big pile of naked people step."
"When approved by the exercise director, working military dogs that are muzzled and short-leashed may be used during advanced RTI (resistance to interrogation) training, in the presence of RTI trainees (including naked trainees) on order to create realism," Senator Hill said in a written response to a parliamentary question.

Trainees were blindfolded and could be made to strip naked for up to three hours, but no more, Senator Hill wrote.

The army's interrogation manual is being updated for the first time since 2001 to take into account the threat of torture to Australian troops in war zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq.
We are quite obviously about to be invaded by the US for our well-and-truly post-peak, waning vast untapped oil resources (and shale!). I'll be the drunk guy in the corner.

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anonymous, Saturday, August 20, 2005, 11:02 PM
but, its ok. UP to 3 hours...no more. personally, i would have a problem if it were past that 3 hour mark. then i would rush out with my banner . isnt being sent to queensland enough tourture?
Mwa ha ha ha haaaarrrrrrr. - the colonel, Sunday, August 21, 2005, 7:54 AM
That bottom image reminds me of a couple of 21st birthday parties I have been a part of.

Nice one!

PS. "Toasted cheese may well save this sorry rock from extintion!"
Spelling is only as important as your teacher makes out. - the colonel, Sunday, August 21, 2005, 7:56 AM