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While in the process of finally getting a copy of one of the best Samurai Movies in the History of the Entire Universe today, I came across this:

Um... Pregnancy for Dummies? "Here you go, you're stupid, and acknowledge that you're stupid, you should be having babies! YEAH, LIKE FIVE HUNDRED OF 'EM!! " Not wanting to, y'know, sound like some kind of pseudo-eugenicist or something, but shouldn't a culture of some kind of Maturity be encouraged when bringing extra humans into the world is involved? What's next, Peace Negotiation For Fuckwits?
If you are a Whitehouse policy adviser, and would like me to
write a 900 page tome on this subject, please send
cheques/briefs/formal requests for ghostwriting work to:
The Rae Street Institute,
GPO Box 986
in Your Capital City

(presuming that your Capital City is Melbourne, and all..)
Quantity Surveying for Dyscalculiacs? Mineshaft Excavation for Claustrophobes?

Anyway, friday night....

Moral of the story: a plentitude of beers + riding a fixie with no brakes == not good.

Though that he only cut himself rather than, like, broke stuff, was a miracle.

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cfsmtb, Sunday, June 26, 2005, 9:48 AM
While we're not going to pass judgement on what happened, here's the simple rules we work to. If you drink, eat something substantial. If the bicycles inbuilt engine immobilizer (balance) is up the shit, don't ride. Lock it up, get PT/taxi, or safely kip somewhere.

Early in May we had to 'escort' a gent home from the local. Apparently he was a doctor. Or so he kept telling us. Plus he recalled choice quotes from American Pie. Repeatively. He had the body mass of a ball of string & was riding fixed with work shoes. After he caned through the Lennox/Victoria St intersection against the lights I caught up, flicked the front QR and considered calling a divvy van.

It was a couple of hours of my life I'd like back. At least we got him home. Duty of Care is somewhat thankless but utterly necessary.
Dr Henrik Ziegler, Sunday, June 26, 2005, 9:54 AM
Speaking of Doctors, on High St Northcote the other night, a cracking encounter.. a drunk old guy stumbles into me, falls over my bike. Blood pouring out of his face. We all get concerned and one person starts calling an ambulance. Another drunk guy (whose crew had just been yelling at us) took a look at him, spoke to him for a second...

Him: "He's fine."
Me: "I don't know about that."
Me: "Um, I said, I don't know about that. There's blood pouring out of his face, and he's stumbling all over the footpath. He's NOT OK."

Other guy storms off into a restaurant

Me (to someone else): "What the hell was that guy's attitude?"
Drunk abusive guy's mate: "He's a DOCTOR."
Me: "And?"
Drunk abusive guy's mate: "Be careful who you fucking criticise."
Me: "Um.. well how am I supposed to know he's a doctor?"

See if he's so high-and-mighty and not-to-be-criticised, he could have even said "I know what I'm talking about, I'm a doctor." and that might have been ok. Yelling at people just makes you look like a fool.

Duty of care in above case was handled. He was fine, just a couple of cuts. Blood looked scarier than the outcome was.