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On Friday I screened a film.

This film I have been well, sort of officially working on since 2000, but it stems back really to mid-late 99. The first shoot for the three-minute project that ended up as the 103 minute end product was on November 21, 1999.

Nearly six years.

Now you'd think that screening something that I'd been working on for so long to a room full of people would be scary. Scary as all hell.

Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was the sleep deprivation on the tail end of repeated pure-murphy's-law catastrophic hardware failures here starting at 4am on the day of the screening
While trying to just MAKE THE FUCKING DVD, hardware that's worked fine for two years started giving me grief... naturally now that the screening's happened, remaking the DVD (fixing a small audio glitch) caused no trouble at all. Feh.
.. but it was only mildly unsettling, and mostly satisfying.

Well, of course I was tearing bits of it to shreds in my head as I watched it, but I was happy with where it was at, and so, it seemed, was the audience.

People laughed at the bits that were written to be funny but I've seen so many times they're just numb.

People picked up the weird little two-three frame things I'd thrown in here and there to distract you.

People liked the scene (mentioned months ago on this blog) that was my favourite.

This is even though the centre speaker was crap, and the dialogue was muffled in a few places as a result.. (unlike most zero budget people I've mixed the audio PROPERLY in 5.1 surround).

And now I find out MUFF are screening it in a proper cinema. Rather intimidating thought to have your own work forty feet wide..

But hopefully by then I'll have had a week and a half on the road (shorter than I'd hoped, I wanted to be out of town by NOW!!) and everything will be a little more numb than the first time around [should have been].

Though objectively it had been screened before, a long long time ago, unfinished... though the screening was rather disastrous. Don't screen a film at someone's house.

No, really, don't.

Especially when bogans rock up who spend the first half of the screening yelling out where they think you shot it. And then leave.

Anyway, in other news...
This blog officially justifies the existance of blogging, and negates the reason for any further blogging.

Which means I have to go now.

Good day.

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What could be safer than safe sex? - colonel, Thursday, June 23, 2005, 7:30 AM
After all the permutations and combinations are exhausted, does one Safe light up another Safe'S cigarette and recline in deeply sated peace?
PS. This have very little to do with the subject. - colonel, Thursday, June 23, 2005, 7:33 AM
Dr Henrik Ziegler, Friday, June 24, 2005, 1:59 AM
The only thing safer than safe sex would quite possibly be the legal precedent (or lack thereof) as regards legislation (or lack thereof) as it pertains (or doesn't) to the use (or fact that you can't) of the High Rollers' Lane.