Harold Bishop has a posse


That story, and more, after the break. But first:

Watching television when I should have been writing the other night taught me the following things:

If you buy the bad guys' car from Back to the Future, random women will fall in love with you. They left out the bit where you crash it while dragging McFly just outside the estate though.

The Chief from Get Smart these days is an expert on pain killers. So watch out, or he'll Diazepam yo ass, foo'. Also, he chews gum.

Hugh Jackman is completely fucking puzzled as to why there's a smudge on the other side of the screen. Also, he may be about to spew.

In 1983 it was cold. Or something.

Short guys with beards are often trying to tell you that everything is fine (eg "that wasn't a hurricane, it was a minor non-specific non-localised meterological event. That's not a war. Carbon Dioxide is great fun.") Maybe it's a Garden Gnome thing.

There are dickheads inside your TV as well as outside it.

Angela Lansbury is now available at a reasonable hourly rate (finance is available!) to train children in the fine British art of brick-"enabled" vandalism.

Peter Harvey has (belatedly) changed his name to Harvey Peter to celebrate Adam Elliot's Oscar win. As an unintentional byproduct, he has also become extremely scary (so please use only as directed).

That is all.

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ms fits, Thursday, September 15, 2005, 6:16 AM

Oh, Hugh Jackman ALWAYS looks like he's going to vomit.
anonymous, Thursday, September 15, 2005, 9:38 AM
It's probably all that hanging around with John Travolta that does it