Harold Bishop has a posse
Just poking my head in.

Yes, I managed to escape the clutches of The Fairfield Fiasco (about six weeks back). Now quite settled in a nice little terrace house not far from the old Institute.

I've been gardening. And working. And sleeping. And generally not getting angry.

I'll write more soon. But for now:


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gardening - Fluffy, Monday, July 11, 2011, 12:23 AM
hey dr zeigler

good to hear you're all sorted out house wise. jelly and i ended up not getting the house we wanted in north carlton but we found a good place in brunswick. and have been pretty damn happy with it.

i've been trying to keep the gardening blog active but the winter is kind of a boring time, gardenwise. would you be interested in co-contributing? excesscabbage.blogspot.com. i'll need your email address to invite you so send me an email at **LLLLLLOOOOOLLLLL REEEMOOOOOVVVEEEDDD**.

x fluff