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The fog-bound environs of Brunswick, appx. 3am..

OK, so on top of all my stupid scheduling I may just have gone out last night to a family do and spent a little longer there than necessary.. and ended up out there till 3am.. so I rode home..

In the fog.

That's one of the things I like about this time of year, when it's getting a little colder and we get those amazing early morning fogs. It was a mid-April morning fog like this half a lifetime ago that turned a disaster of a pre-dawn shoot into something amazing. It was April morning fogs a while back that I used to ride 20km home in at 3am in a period of about 3 months when it seemed like everything was possible.

But enough schmaltz.

It's just as well I wasn't being chased down by some besuited bogan redneck in their ALL! NEW! TOYOTA HILUX AUV! GET IN OR GET FUCKED OUT OF THE WAY!


As fluffy has pointed out in blog-land today, and others have pointed out on various email lists in the last few days, it's one of the most horrendous and irresponsible ad campaigns of late..

So a couple of things have happened.

I've decided to start my own tool manufacturing company, following along Toyota's marketing strategy. Our first range will be called the "Action Utility Toolset".
See, it's absolutely fine to market in this way, because it's entirely legal to kill people, as long as you do it on the road.

But particularly if you're Eugene McGee.

You can run people over and kill them, if you're him. And get away with it. You can even admit you did it, and still get away with it.

Sorry, what was that name?


Eugene McGee?

Yep, Eugene McGee. That's the one.

See, he didn't "cause death by dangerous driving".. overtaking people without looking at what's in front of them isn't dangerous at all. No, not at all. Particularly if you've had a few drinks beforehand. I mean that's a valid legal defence, isn't it? Apparently it is for Eugene McGee.

Anyway, as you may have guessed by the above, I humbly submit that we start a good old Googlebombin'. Because there's no page around about him at the moment, it should be easy... interesting however that he wrote a piece for the SA Police Journal about speeding, and exercising care on the roads in the course of executing police duties in 2000..

But back to the bombin':

The URL for your linkage.


Or the HTML if you can't be arsed

<a href="http://www.lyricstop.com/g/gettingawaywithmurder-paparoach.html">Eugene McGee</a>

Hmm.. Angry days indeed.

Back onto the AUV thing for a second, I sent Toyota an email about their campaign (below). I don't really expect a response. I also emailed the TAC to see if they've spoken to Toyota about it at all.
Hello there.

I'm writing regarding your new ad campaign for the Toyota Hilux AUV. I
have a few questions:

- How can you justify the slogan "Get in or get out of the way"? It
goads people to buy your vehicles so they can drive aggressively.
Aggressive driving is no joke, around two thousand people are killed on
Australian roads every year.

- For that matter, how can you justify the highly irresponsible approach
taken on the whole campaign? It's analogous to someone selling shovels
by extolling the virtues of bashing people over the head with one --
"Intimidating styling", "aggressive bonnet scoop", "dominating moulded
front bumpers.."

- Do you seriously expect even your existing customers, who own smaller
cars, not to find your approach insulting? Let alone any other road
users... Four wheel drives on average kill 4 people for every person
their "safety features" save. Anyone paying attention, who spends any
time on the road, and doesn't own a four wheel drive would find your
approach intimidating and irresponsible to say the least.

- How does this campaign fit in with your "2010 global vision"?
-- "Respect for all people"? "Comfort of life"? If this is the corporate
image you're supposedly aiming for, how does a belligerent,
lowest-common-denominator campaign aimed at playing on and encouraging
aggressive driver behaviour constitute a move in this direction? You are
encouraging drivers to engage in behaviours that kill people.



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fog photos - Buck Fudd, Sunday, April 17, 2005, 4:29 AM
Jesus...are you stalking me? *I* was walking through the Brunswick fog around 3am last night! Hmmm...
Dr Henrik Ziegler, Sunday, April 17, 2005, 5:28 AM
Yes. My GPS based automated stalking device indicated bloggers in the area, so I conducted an extensive surveillance operation. Results were a mixed bag; the report will be out in 2Q 2006.
anonymous, Sunday, April 17, 2005, 6:46 AM
Bucky:walking around Brunswick *in* a fog isn't the same thing.

And clearly, you were both stalking me.
fluffy, Sunday, April 17, 2005, 6:48 AM
That was me just then by the way. Like you didn't already know that via automatic stalking device.
cileo, Monday, April 18, 2005, 2:57 AM
Eugene has scored his very own *exclusive* listing on low earth orbit, and won twunt of the week, twice. The cycling forums email should be coming out either later today or first thing Tues morning.
Dr Henrik Ziegler, Wednesday, April 20, 2005, 9:25 PM
That *exclusive* listing is fantastic.

However the bombin' ain't showing results though.

But I am getting a fair amount of traffic from searches for "Hilux AUV" -- Toyota's #1, you're #2, and I'm #3...

cileo, Tuesday, May 3, 2005, 10:08 AM
New blog for your perusal

barista, Wednesday, May 18, 2005, 6:12 AM
Hey, nice blog.

AND THIS IS NOT SPAM. iItoo have ridden the streets of brunny in the fog at 3 am.

And when I took my glasses off, it was still there..
Dr Henrik Ziegler, Wednesday, May 18, 2005, 9:20 AM
ooer, thankyou.

Compliment duly noted.

Didn't think it was spam.

Though I've been getting bucketloads lately (largely for online backgammon? what the fuck?)
ATOYOT. Is that what you'll read inside an ambulance? - Mark.S., Saturday, May 21, 2005, 10:53 AM
I doubt any members of THE BOARD have ever ridden a bicycle, let alone been buzzed by some fuckin' dick-wad wannabe redneck with something to prove. Their campaign is irresponsible and they know it. Fantasy clause, Please!

PS sorry for posting so late into the game. Blogging is new ground!
luther blissett, Tuesday, February 6, 2007, 12:35 AM
luther blisset, Tuesday, February 6, 2007, 12:36 AM