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On a journey back from round-the-corner, walking up Nicholson St, mulling over crap (particularly how the hell I'm going to get everything that's meant to be finished this week done, as usual...), sudden edit:
SFX: Loud crash


Michael-Mann-esque TV-aesthetic handheld bit with the running and the panic and the blacklight and the focus-pullers-nightmare, grabbing a mobile phone and dialing 000.
Basically a car was laying on its roof in Nicholson St. The cars that had been directly behind it as it happened kept moving; drove around it. Yay community spirit.

It had hit the safety zone barrier on a tram stop, flipped, taking out the "Safety Zone" sign, and now lay strangely silent and on its roof.

A bunch of random people gathered around, the lone occupant (driver) was pulled out and comforted on the side of the road. Two or three of us stood guard and blocked Nicholson St, directing traffic around the accident (random bits of car strewn all over the road, one guy rather dangerously darting in and out of the wreck retrieving stuff for the driver...).


Middle aged woman edging a late model sedan slowly into the bunch of people directing her to GO THE FUCK AROUND IT, YOU MORON calmly steer herself away from the incident.
Not only was she driving slowly into the group to the extent that PEOPLE HAD TO GET OUT OF THE WAY, she then started yelling abuse.

Myself doing my best un-velocipated (ooer, new word) corking, couldn't quite believe it.
  • There's an overturned car.
  • Right in front of you.
  • There are people directing you to drive around it.
  • Instead of driving around, you abuse them and demand to be let through to drag your car through a pile of rubble.
It took somewhere around 15-20 seconds to convince her that she wasn't seeing some kind of left-wing-media-conspiracy-hologram and there WAS actually a wrecked car in front of her, and emergency services rapidly approaching from the rear.

Then she slowly backed up and drove around.

What the hell, exactly, is wrong with drivers?

I mean, it's easy to call iPod wearers (as I have occasionally) tuned-out and oblivious, but drivers are not only that, but in charge of something dangerous too.

Three cheers for car dependence.

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cfsmtb, Tuesday, June 14, 2005, 1:53 AM
A searing exposť of car culture is in order......nnnna, can't be bothered. Fucktardism isn't the sole preserve of male drivers.
Mindy, Wednesday, June 15, 2005, 9:25 PM
off topic - the stealing of mythbusters has not gone unnoticed. We watch the original and best on SBS.
Dr Henrik Ziegler, Thursday, June 16, 2005, 12:44 AM
Actually I'm not sure you can even call it stealing; IIRC Beyond International distribute Mythbusters.. as their name suggests they're the company founded around Beyond 2000 (now resurrected as Beyond Tomorrow).. so it's just other-use-of-licensed-material.

Though Matt Shirvington is ENTIRELY the wrong person to be providing narration.

At least he's less patronising than the local they used to get to dub Mythbusters narration though.