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Best 15 minutes of TV around.
OK, so I'm sleeping three hours a night.

And I'm still unpaid for work from two months ago.

So I've got a presentation to do tomorrow, and contracts to sign.

And I've got a ~100 minute film I have to have ready in under two weeks.

But it's 1am, and I'm blogging. Pah.

Though only briefly, and only for the sake of proselytising.

If you haven't seen Harvey Birdman, you're missing out. So, ok, tonight wasn't the funniest of all of them.. but jesus christ. When it's good, it's unbeatable. It's 1930s screwball paced... at least. Except dozens of times dirtier.

"... I'm so drunk right now, Sandy.. You ain't a half.. bad.. slice of--"
Each week they basically take a Hanna Barbera character.. well known or entirely forgettable, and blow up all the silly little innuendoes you can possibly pull out.

It's my only 15 minutes of compulsory TV viewing every week.

.. in the middle of Happy Tree Friends and Friends, 10pm Thursdays on SBS. The other ones (except Angry Kid) can get grating after a while.. but Birdman is worth it.

In the next episode -- time travel, the 1970s and something about history books.

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